Breast & Whole Body Thermography Clinics

The newest and latest technology in early detection !

Medical Thermography is the ability to scan either breast tissue or the whole body using digital infrared imaging .  The images  show the function, the physiology and the metabolism of body tissue or breast tissue.

Variations in temperature in the body may represent early changes towards malignancy or cancer growth.  Usually abnormal cells are hotter because a malignant tissue mass is greedy. To feed their rapid growth they produce a chemical that makes new blood vessels grow. This is called angiogenesis (angio means blood vessel, genesis means creation).

This early detection technique is an approach that is dedicated to supporting anyone including women in their quest for overall & breast health care by providing proactive health services and practical knowledge that enables health management by the individual and their health care team.

This test is for you if :

  • You are interested in overall health prevention
  • You are at a higher family risk
  • You have had cancer and would like to maintain prevention


  • November 24th, 2010  Revivelife Clinic 320-2249 Carling Ave., Ottawa, Ont. K2B-7E9 ,613-829-7100
  • February 16th, 2011  Revivelife Clinic 320-2249 Carling Ave., Ottawa, Ont. K2B-7E9 ,613-829-7100

Fee Schedule:

  • Full Body Scan: 350
  • Breast or Regional Scan: 250

Spaces are limited so book early!

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Welcome to revIVelife™ lab

The mission of  revIVelife™ lab is to offer the latest laboratory techniques and the latest strategies in health care.  The goal is to provide health care practitioners and their patients with information that facilitates wellness by evaluation of revIvelife optizones© and revivelife score™.

Have you ever gotten back your lab tests that seem normal , yet you are not feeling great?  The Progressive Lab Tests at revIvelife™ LABS are designed to look for functional imbalances that may not be considered a disease yet , however are the source to your less than optimal health.  Hormone Testing, Allergy & Sensitivities, Medical Thermography, Metabolic Urine Tests  ( MUT)( Bowl Function , Adrenal Function & General Wellness), Vitamin & Mineral Assessment are a few of the many tests offered.

revIVelife™ lab offers a wide variety of laboratory services designed to compliment your medical doctor and specialists testing.

Our feature labs include:

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