reviVelife ™ is pleased to offer a wide variety of laboratory services to compliment your Medical Doctor and Specialists Testing.

The focus of these labs is health prevention and functional organ disorders .  All labs are reviewed, as although your annual physical exam labs maybe considered ” Normal”, our goals are to observe high or low normals and trends towards disease or the reviVelife optizone™.  Thus prevention plans put into place before disease develops.

Your regular annual physical exam and labs performed by your Medical Doctor can provide valuable information in complimentary medical approaches, so we advise bringing copies of any results you may have to your visits.

The clinical director of  reviVelife ™ Labs is Naturopathic Doctor Joel Lee Villeneuve, B.Sc, N.D.

Naturopathic Doctor Joel is a researcher, practitioner, educator and innovator in Natural Health.  Her mission is to promote Vitality, Balance & Empowerment .  Naturopathic Doctor Joel’s vision is to create a new way to thinking in Health Care and truly work in prevention.