FAQs revIvelife™ Lab

FAQ’s reviVelife™ Lab

Why reviVelife™ Labs?

Do I need a medical doctor’s referral to have these tests done?

How are reviVelife™ Labs different than the tests I get through my medical doctor?

Are these the latest preventive health labs available?

Are these tests covered under OHIP or insurance?

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Why reviVelife™ Labs?

Research indicates that for every health condition that is lifestyle related ie diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and arthritis , for every dollar spent only 4 cents is spent on prevention. We base our labs on the reviVelife score© and prevention and functional medicine.  These tests can predict a high likelihood of disease long before it happens.

There are 10 phases to disease, symptoms that you feel do not develop until the 4th phase. The  reviVelife™ Labs focus on determining where you are on this spectrum .

Summary of 10 Phases of the reviVelife Score Spectrum © Related to Organs

Health does not change overnight but is a slow and steady progression. What if you could determine if there are changes and if so by what degree? This is our commitment to a new era of health and prevention. We believe that Wellness is determined not only by how you feel but also what changes are going on inside that you cannot see but can be assessed via the correct labs. We believe that Natural Care is about measuring and monitoring your progress.

Do I need a Medical Doctor’s referral to have these tests done?

These tests do not need a Medical Doctor’s referral and can be ordered directly through your Naturopathic Doctor.  As it is important for everyone to work as a team we encourage you to share your results with your Medical Doctor and other Health Care Team Members.

How are reviVelife™ Labs different than the tests I get through my Medical Doctor?

The tests you receive from your Medical Doctor are very important to diagnose disease, but what if you are not feeling 100% or unaware that there is a decline in your health status? It is important to remember that a symptom or change that you become aware of only develops once a significant decline has taken place. The reviVelife™ Labs are an adjunct to your Medical Doctors Tests

Are these the latest Complimentary Labs Available?

We are continuing to investigate the latest technology in Complimentary Medical Labs to Offer you the Best Care in Wellness and Prevention.

Are these tests covered by OHIP or by Independent insurance companies?

The Laboratory Tests listed are not covered by OHIP and are paid at the time of requisition. Note some third party insurance companies do provide coverage , so please investigate your individualized coverage.™