Gastrointestinal Panel

Gastrointestinal Panel

Digestive Concerns such as bloating, gas, pain, diarrhea and constipation affect millions of people every year.  When these symptoms appear other changes in the digestive tract have already taken place that may lead to Leaky Gut Syndrome, Colitis,Chron’s , Irritable Bowl Syndrome or Celiac Disease. Proper assessment is vital to the correct restorative program and to rule out a microbe base to the symptoms.

The reviVe™  Gastrointestinal Panel Tests For The Following:

The GI Health Panel™ is a combination of stool and saliva tests .  This panel is a  non-invasive screen of the gastro-intestinal tract and its function. It includes at least 15-22 individual, but related tests. The group of areas tested include:

Highlight: Overview of digestive function

Functional Assessment of:

  • Pathogen screening: bacteria, fungi, yeast, and various parasites.
    Digestion related screens: enzyme levels and immunochemical markers for intolerance to common offending foods.
    Intestinal function markers to evaluate irritation and inflammation; markers indicate overall status of gut immunity and integrity, i.e. occult blood, etc.

Indicated for those who : are experiencing digestive upset

Specifically the items tested for include:

  • Food Intolerance (saliva)
    1. Gluten/grain
    2. Cow milk*
    3. Egg protein*
    4. Soy protein*
  • Parasite Tests (saliva)
    1. Amoeba
    2. H. pylori
    3. Toxoplasma*
    4. Tissue worm-Trichinella*
    5. Roundworm-Ascaris*
    6. Tapeworm-T. solium*
  • Parasite Tests (stool)
    1. Giardia
    2. Cryptosporidium
    3. Clostridium difficile
  • O&P Microscopy (stool)
    1. Wet mounts
    2. General Stain
    3. Special Stain
    +We report all visualized parasites.
  • Functional Markers (stool)
    1. GI immunity-SIgA
    2. Alpha Anti-chymotrypsin (ACHY)
    3. Lysozyme
    4. Chymotrypsin
    5. Occult Blood
    6. Fecal pH
  • Cultures (stool)
    1. Yeast, fungal
    2. Pathogen & flora cultures
    *In Expanded GI Health Panel™ only.

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The saliva samples are gathered in the comfort of your home and sent to Diagnos Tech Labs.  The results are available approximately 2 weeks after the sample is received.

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