H. Pylori Test

Helicobacter Pylori Test

Highlight: This is a simple breath test checking your PH level.  This non-invasive test requires only a breath sample after the patient swallows a urea capsule.

Functional Asessment of: The helicobacter pylori are foreign bacteria that get into the body and live in the stomach.  These bacteria may cause ulcers, stomach cancer and lymphoma.  With the results a  program can be designed to clear and heal the digestive system.

It is an excellent test to determine whether there is an active infection or whether the infection has been eradicated by treatment. The serological H. pylori test does not determine the difference between the live and dormant organism, whereas the breath test detects only live H. pylori. Current practice guidelines recommend this breath test.

Indicated for those who: are experiencing digestive complaints

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