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Allergy Blood Testing ( IgE & IgG )

The Allergy Testing offered at reviVelife™ is done via blood plasma analysis which assesses both reactions that occur immediately ( IgE) and reactions that occur in a delayed reaction ( IgG). It is estimated that only five percent of food allergy is immediate and ninety-five percent is delayed (1)

Allergy Testing is recommended if you have “traditional allergy”  symptoms such as hives, swelling, itching eyes, running nose,  sinus symptoms, anaphylaxis reactions  OR wish to have a very comprehensive report on what your body’s reactions are to  foods.

The number of items tested may be a whole panel or a smaller limited number depending on the area of concern. The most comprehensive approach to food & environmental reactions would be to overlap intolerance results with all forms of allergy results.

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Highlight: Allergy Blood Test

Functional Assessment of: IgE ( Immediate allergic reaction) & IgG ( Delayed allergic reaction)

Indicated For those who: Suspect allergy type symptoms, are feeling run down, experiencing digestive concerns and frequently getting ill.

What is the difference between a food allergy & and an intolerance?

Food allergies and an intolerance are illnesses that affect certain individuals when eating foods or food ingredients that most consumers can tolerate with no problem.  Both food allergies and an intolerance are subgroups of food sensitivities.

Allergies stimulate  immunoglobulin E production, and histamine release which comes from GALT cells in the digestive tract , activating a class of lymphocytes known as Th2 helper T cells which secrete cytokines that tell the B-lymphocytes to produce IgE and stimulate mast cells, basophils and eosinophils (2). The release of histamine from the mast cells produces traditional allergy symptoms which usually causes immediate symptoms.  Another type of allergy is the Immunoglobulin G   pathway related to the complement system, producing a delayed hypersensitivity reaction ( reactions may occur 1-7 days after ingesting the offending food)

The symptoms of allergies include: darkness under the eyes, sinus congestion, moodiness, hives, swelling and may be a medical emergency in anaphylaxis cases.

This is in comparison to intolerance symptoms which tend to impact your health wherever your genetic weaknesses are so are more generalized .

Intolerance symptoms may include: bloating, gas, diarrhea or constipation,  headaches, skin symptoms, pain, mood changes and decreased focus or memory to name a few.

In general the weaker the digestive system and immune system the more the number of allergies or intolerances that are present.   Leaky Gut Syndrome may be a related underlying factor. If you have many reactions it is important to have a health restoration program which includes adrenal , digestive & immune balancing features designed for you. For a complete review it is recommended to have a new patient visit with any test methods.

The advantages to the reviVelife™ method are:

  • Number of  Items Tested- Because one blood draw is taken and the testing is done on the sample retrieved, many items are able to be tested.
  • Accuracy- False negative results are minimized ( as when a person is stressed which may occur in scratch testing, the body releases adrenaline which may cause false negative results especially in children)
  • Immediate & Delayed Reaction Assessment- We are able to see results from an immediate allergic reaction ( IgE) and a delayed allergic reaction ( IgG)
  • Flexibility- The Test may be done as single samples from Gammadynacare or as group testing at Meridian Valley Labs through reviVelife Clinic.  If you have more than 19 items that you wish to have tested it is advised to use the group testing for 95 items as your best financial option.
  • Accessibility- You do not need a doctor’s referral and your visit to obtain your lab requisition may be booked to your earliest convenience.

All test methods come with their strengths and weaknesses.  Each test result needs to be interpreted with a patient’s health history, tracking of reactions and record of foods.  The scratch test that your allergist offers does track the histamine response of the most severe allergies which are of an IgE nature that include anaphylaxis.

Patient Preparation:

Foods that have been avoided for a time period may show a false negative result and thus all methods of testing including scratch testing are recommended to be overlapped for best care.

It is important to discuss your personal situation your Revivelife™ team member to confirm best preparation for the testing. It is always recommended in any case that you always avoid any foods that are clinically suspected as the cause of anaphylactic reactions. With the blood IgE & IgG test method an allergenic response will be higher when the food is consumed especially within 3 weeks prior to testing, however due to the nature of anaphylaxis reactions it is not feasible to recommend that the offending food(s) be consumed.  Thus we take this into account in the interpretation of the results.

Fee Schedule:

Complete Panel( E-95 and Panel A-95)  190 Items : 369

Panel E-95 Common Food Allergies  : 234

Panel A-95 Seasonings and Other Foods : 234

Single Allergy Item Test IgE or IgG: $32 Plus $11 for each item tested

i.e. $32 +$110 =$142 for 10 items tested through Gamma DynaCare

Consult: 98

New Patient Appointment: 249

(It is recommended to have a consult to integrate your results for your optimal health plan)

Steps to Testing

Step one- You are given a requisition for testing in which you go to any Gammadyna Care Lab in Ottawa

Give the Gammadynacare technician your Gammadynacare lab requisition.

They will take your kit, draw your blood sample and then centrifuge it and ask you to return 2 hours later to pick it up.  Allow for time for this ie go at least 2 hrs before the lab closes.

Step two- Once the sample is received then it is to be sent to the US lab that will complete the testing .  Follow the shipping instructions below.

The results are generally available 2 weeks after sample is received.

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Patient Preparation

Please follow the guidelines in the test sample box

Refer to shipping instructions with the kit

The sample must arrive at lab with in 24-48 hours.

The revIvelife™ has partnered with UPS to ease your delivery of samples. The following locations are familiar with our procedures and will assist you in your shipping needs. Carling and Kirkwood, in Hampton Park Plaza Kanata, in Centrum