Health & Balance Kids ™

The Health & Balance ™ Kids Program is designed for kid’s general overall wellness including all those budding athletes. It is a program designed for child who wants to balance their bodies and optimize their performance & energy!

The primary benefits include:

Weight Optimization , Improved Digestive Health , Optimal Nutrition, Improved Energy , Better Focus & Concentration

The Health & Balance Kids ™ Program was created to support health changes to prevent lifestyle diseases.

  • • Childhood obesity has tripled in the last 25 years
  • • 1/3 Children born after 2001 will develop diabetes
  • • Asthma affects 10% of kids and rates have increased in the last 15 years

The revIvelife™ Health & Balance Series is as easy as 1, 2, 3. The Program Includes:

1. The Evaluation

You’re child and you will meet with your revIvelife™ Clinician for a new patient visit to overview your child’s health and goals. They will then have laboratory tests performed. Over 100 test items will be analyzed utilizing the latest strategies in progressive lab testing to assess : Alkalinity / Acidity Status, Digestion, Toxicity, Hormone Health Level 1 ( cortisol, insulin) , Weight, Cardiovascular Health, Blood Sugar, Kidney Function, Liver Function and Nutrition.

2. The Doctor’s Report

An integrated report of findings with a stepwise plan to reach your child’s goals.

3. The Lifestyle Change

Working as a team to utilize resources to reach your child’s goals.

Your Health Profile
: You are generally in well health, at your optimal weight, wish to review your nutritional balance and wish to get started on your path to optimal wellness.

Health & Balance Fee Structure: 399
Health & Balance™ 12 Weeks ( Includes 3 monthly follow up visits) Fee Structure: 599
Optional Add On: Cellular Vitamin & Mineral Testing: 369

The Comprehensive Vitamin & Mineral Panel Analysis is a premier nutritional test that analyzes the intracellular levels of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, carbohydrate metabolism, fatty acids and metabolites inside your cells which is more reflective of what is more bioavailable. FAQs Chart of the symptoms that maybe related to nutritional deficiencies Read More…

Many insurance companies cover a portion of naturopathic care, please check with your individual provider for your individual coverage.

Patient Preparation:

No special requirements