Health Optimization is about living longer stronger!  In order to be at your best it is important to know where you are beginning and what needs optimization.  The following are specialized tests that assist in detecting sub-clinical health changes early:

Vitality & Balance Labs ™ - An integration of preventive tests MUT, organ systems and reviVelife score©  a percent of wellness to help measure, monitor and optimize your health plan

Live Cell Assessment- An assessment of toxicity levels and overall general health.

Longevity Wellness Profiles- An assessment of chronic disease markers for health prevention and longevity

Metabolic Urine Tests (MUT) reviVelife™- A urine assessment of overall general health that is quick and can be used for long term measure and monitoring of health.

Metabolic Panel -Genova Labs- Detailed overall panels

Endocrine & Thyroid Test Panels- Balance of Endocrine & Thyroid Hormones