Men’s Hormonal Tests (eMHP™)

Just as women go through hormonal changes in life, so do men…

Andropause or ” Male Menopause” is the medical term used for this change of life. At age 30 the testicles show a progressive drop in their output of testosterone by about 1-1.5% per year . With this an increase of FSH and LH by about 1-2% annually takes place.

This hormonal change can impact energy, vitality, mood and other areas of health.
The symptoms of andropause usually occur 20 years later so that andropause effects 40% of men in
their 50’s and up to 80% in men 65 and above.

The saliva method of testing is used at reviVelife lab as your hormones are fat soluble .  Saliva testing measures the fat soluble portion of  hormones as opposed to blood tests ( the water soluble portion of hormones ) and thus is measuring the  “ bio-available” stored levels of hormones.  This is a  measure of  hormones which are the most readily used by the body.
This panel is indicated for those men who wish to balance their hormones and thus be at their optimum.

This test is particularly valuable for athletic performance and prevention of chronic disease including prostate cancer.

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FAQs Male Hormone Tests

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Male  Hormones

Highlight: Test for saliva hormones.  Test includes: Androstenedione, DHEA, Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone, Dihydrotesterone(DHT), LH, FSH

Functional Assessement of: Male Hormones

Indicated For Men Who Wish: To overview their hormonal balance and optimize their energy.

Fee Schedule:

Male Hormone Test -Set 1: 189

Consult: 98 ( For existing reviVelife patients who have already had a new patient visit)

New Patient Appointment: 249

(It is recommended to have a new patient appointment or a consult to integrate your results for your optimal health plan)

Male Hormones Plus Vitality & Balance ™

Optional Add On: Weight Program  ( Includes A New Patient Visit)

The Vitality & Balance ™ menu is designed to balance metabolism and to reduce cravings & hunger while at the same time optimizing your health.  When added to the hormone testing is a complete review of one’s health.

Highlight: Custom  hormone testing,  health assessment & menu

Functional Assessment of : Male Hormones, Adrenal Glands, Digestion, Liver/Gallbladder, PH,  Thyroid.  Over 100 lab tests to Screen & Diagnose Health. Plus a custom menu plan based on blood work, glycemic index of foods, your blood group type and health condition.

The adrenal gland functional assessment  represents “ cortisol levels” .  Cortisol can be related to many symptoms including difficulty sleeping, reaching optimal weight & digestive health. This assessment is the most comprehensive of body systems analysis.

Indicated For Men With Who : wish to assess their hormonal and also experience concerns with : weight, stress, metabolism, digestion and who wish to work preventively for cardiovascular disease, blood sugar regulation or have a family history of a chronic disease.  This program also includes a custom nutritional menu plan for boosting metabolism and promoting optimal weight balance.

  • Male Hormone Test 189 PLUS

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Patient Preparation

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