FAQs Male Hormone Test

FAQ’s Male Hormones (e-MHP™)

What are the concerns of aging men?
What is tested in the male hormone panel?
What are the advantages of saliva testing verus blood  or urine?
Is this test for me?
What conditions would I be experiencing that would suggest I should have this test?
What have the beneficial effects been of using Male Hormonal Support?

What are the Common Fallacies regarding hormones?

What are the concerns of Aging Men?

The concerns of Aging Men are related to Vigor, Virility and Vitality:

1. Vigor : loss of sense of well being, alteration in behaviour patterns, irritability and anxiety,
difficulty concentrating, memory loss, change in sleep /insomnia, depression

2. Virility: decline in sexual function and interest, decreased libido and erectile dysfunction,
decrease in bone mass

3. Vitality and Health: decrease in muscle mass and strength, decrease in hair density,
reduction in masculinity, increased weight gain

What is tested in the Male Hormone Panels?

Using your saliva sample, the Male Hormone Panel-Set 1 measures these six hormones plus FSH and LH.

1. Progesterone- this hormone is important in both sexes. It is a natural calming agent to our nervous system. It also keeps in check excessive DHT production and counterbalances the effects of excessive estrone. Unmonitored intake can lead to breast enlargement, depression and weight gain.

2. DHEA & DHEA-S- is the precursor for both male and female hormones.  Also , it is an anti-stress hormone produced by the adrenal glands. When the body is under stress this hormone is affected and thus affects testosterone and estradiol.  Unmonitored intake can easily alter the delicate balance between male to female hormones.

3. Androstenedione-is a weak male hormone and a precursor of hormones.  Unmonitored intake in men can cause excessive female hormone production with minimal male hormone production.  In women, unmonitored intake usually causes excess male hormone production.

4. Estrone-is an estrogen that both sexes produce in the fat cells. The more fat, the more estrone which in turn itself promotes fat deposits. It is produced from androstenedione and excess of estrone can cause breast enlargement and contributes to prostate enlargement. In males, a certain low level of estrone is mandatory to balance the androgensis the major estrogen in men and is the product of peripheral aromatization of androstenedione in fat and muscle tissue.

5. Testosterone- the dominant testicular androgen, is the precursor to 5-dihydrotestosterone( DHT).  The androgenic effect in various tissues is not exerted by testosterone but by the locally produced DHT.  A balance of optimal testosterone must exist as excess amounts promote hardening of the blood vessels, aggression, prostate problems and an increase in total cholesterol.

6. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)-is made from testosterone in certain tissues. The rate of its production is controlled by the level of free active progesterone. Excess DHT causes prostate enlargement and thinning of scalp hair.

7. LH-a pituitary neurohormone which  stimulates and regulates testosterone production .  Early detection of an increase in FSH and LH levels is indicative of a progressive decline in male sexuality and functionality.   Helps to determine the origin of the imbalance of hormones.

8. FSH-a pituitary neurohormone which stimulates and regulate spermatogenesis. Early detection of an increase in FSH and LH levels is indicative of a progressive decline in male sexuality and functionality. Helps to determine the origin of the imbalance of hormones.

This pathway shows the relation of cholesterol and pregnenolone, which are the precursors to steroid hormones. DHEA is the main precursor to male and female hormones.

What are the advantages of saliva testing verus blood  or urine?

The hormone levels in saliva reflect the active tissue concentrations, while blood contains mostly protein bound hormones, whose active levels can only be estimates at best. Urine contains both the active hormones and numerous metabolites and can only be used to gain a gross estimate of hormone production over time. Active fraction measurements from saliva are superior to blood and urine total hormone levels in diagnosis and treatment.

Is this test for me?

This test is for you if you are……

Middle aged and having:
Impaired libido
Erectile dysfunction
Baldness and/or extremity hair thinning
Fat accumulation around the waist
Urinary symptoms: pain and/or frequency; urgency; interrupted stream
Change in sleeping habits
Lack of enthusiasm for life
Aggression & Anger
Increase in bad cholesterol, decrease in good cholesterol
Your Dr. tells you that you have osteoporosis

Young and having:
Impaired libido
Erectile dysfunction
Early baldness
Inability to lose weight
Aggression & Anger
Reduced stamina

What conditions would I be experiencing that would suggest I should have this test?

• Measuring baseline hormones
• Diagnosing andropause & hypogonadism : Vigor,Vitality & Virility
• Memory Loss
• Therapeutic monitoring of HRT
• Balancing of hormones
• Evaluating hormones for prostate cancer support
• Investigating prostate hypertrophy, thinning of hair & hirsutism
Evaluating low-libido in both sexes

What have are the beneficial effects  of using Male Hormonal Support?

Increase of fitness and sense of well-being
Decrease of body fat and increase in lean body mass
Resolution of hormone dependent libido problems
Prevention of hair thinning
Increase in hematocrit and RBC counts
Mitigation of osteoporosis and stimulation of bone formation
Decrease in total cholesterol, increase HDL
Note: Unmonitored male HRT may account for increased incidence of prostatic complications, liver cancer, and accelerated atherosclerosis.

What are the Common Fallacies regarding hormones?

DHEA production by the adrenals normally decreases with age.
Reality: DHEA levels in healthy adult males are comparable at any age and only fall as a result of stress-related adrenal exhaustion.

• Radioimmunoassay (RIA) is the standard for testosterone testing.
Reality: The testosterone free fraction represents less than 2% of the total hormone. At this low level (Pico-gram) RIA fails to accurately detect testosterone and yields an underestimate of bio-available hormone. This is true for both serum and saliva free fraction testing by RIA.

• Testosterone supplementation is detrimental to the liver and lipid profile.
Reality: This only applies to overdosed synthetic testosterone variants that produce supra-physiologic androgenic activity. Monitoring and adjusting natural testosterone intake to maintain physiologic levels, actually improves the lipid profile and does not increase LDL, or negatively impact the liver.

• Injectable testosterone is best for male hormone replacement therapy.
Reality: Intramuscular testosterone injections abolish the circadian rhythm and result in aggressive behavior. The rapid and uncontrolled hormone absorption causes significant swings in mood and sex drive. Giving more testosterone will not remedy these swings.

• Case study

A 58 yr. old man had been suffering for over 9 months with progressive fatigue and lack of interest in sexual relations. His wife was worried about him missing his weekly golf game. An e-MHP™ saliva panel was done and it revealed:

  • Testosterone Low normal (age adjusted)
  • LH Elevated
  • FSH Moderately elevated
  • Androstenedione Elevated
  • DHEA, DHT, Progesterone and Estrone were normal

This case study illustrates the subtle and progressive nature of andropause. While the testosterone level was normal, it was maintained at the expense of a higher Pituitary LH stimulation and an increase in demand for adrenal androstenedione. Mild declines in testicular testosterone production prompt the adrenals to produce more androstenedione to compensate for the lagging testicular performance.
Patient was started on a low dose of natural micronized testosterone capsules and was back golfing in 3 weeks.
Note: Clinics that use DHEA or androstenedione to boost testosterone levels should conduct follow up tests to insure these hormones are not over-spilling into the estrogen pathway.
The saliva samples are gathered in the comfort of your home and then returned to Optihealth.    The results are available approximately 2 weeks after the sample is received.

Information courtesy of Diagnos Tech Labs

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