Expanded Metabolic Urine Test Group( EMUT)™

Expanded Metabolic Urine Test Group ( EMUT)™

Highlight: A quick screening of the urine for any abnormal patterns in relation to the Free Radicals, Bone Loss, Heavy Metals, Vitamins & Minerals. This is important for anyone over age 30 and especially for women & men entering into menopause or andropause respectively. “ It recommended for all annually as a window to your general health preventively.

Functional Assessment of: From one urine sample the test includes all tests in MUT and tests more comprehensive parameters including:

Indicated for those who: wish to review their health preventively

The patient provides a sample and the results are given at the next office visit.

Fee Schedule:

EMUT Only( without MUT): 120

EMUT ( includes MUT) : 199

Any of the tests in the EMUT individually: 45

Consult: 98

The urine test samples are gathered at reviVelife™  and the results are available within 48 hours.

(It is recommended to have a consult to integrate the results into your optimal health plan )