Heavy Metal Screen

Heavy Metal Screen

Highlight: This is a revolutionary method of screening Heavy Metals in any liquid solution ( ie water, urine, saliva, food, dust,paint,etc).

Functional Assessment of : Heavy Metals

Indicated for : Individuals concerned about environmental affects on the body.

The scientifically documented Heavy Metal Test (Screen) allows the detection of free electrically active heavy-metal ions in any aqueous solution such as drinking water, urine, and saliva, by means of a simple single-use procedure and in just a few minutes.  It is easy to conduct and the results are not only quickly obtained but also provide a dramatic and convincing demonstration of the product.:

The test is recommended for anyone who is concerned about the level of metals in their body or currently considering using a celation or detox. . This is one of the most effective, scientific ways to have information to document a products effectiveness from baseline to end result.

This technique allows you to:

  • Test your drinking water and or efficiency of your water filter.
  • Assess if the body is holding any heavy metals and how well the body is eliminating them
  • Track the heavy metal concentration or body detoxification/chelation capacity over time as the patient supplements with detoxification ( chelation ) products and programs
  • Observe as an early indicator, associated with heavy metal intoxication

Fee Schedule:

Individually: 98

Combined with your Metabolic Urine Testing: 50

Consult: 98

(It is recommended to have a consult with this visit, to counsel you)

The results of this test are available shortly after your test.