Zinc Sufficiency

Zinc Sufficiency

Highlight: Assessment of immune function as it relates to zinc

Functional Assessment of : zinc

Indicated for those: concerned with immunity

A very simple test in which the patient is given an oral sample of 0.2% Zinc Sulphate solution. If the patient experiences no taste, there is a zinc deficiency; zinc status is normal if there is a bitter taste.
Results correlate well with Hair Analysis results.

Many health conditions can be related to deficient zinc levels, such as:

Low immunity
Low libido and sperm count
Low adrenal function
Early tooth decay
Poor development
Low thyroid activity
The British 1988 Pharmacopoeia considers the Zinc Tally test a good way of testing one’s zinc status. The test fluid consisting of a 0.1 % solution of zinc sulphate in distilled water and can detect zinc deficiency in the body. The zinc solution may also be used as a zinc supplement in the case of zinc deficiency.

Zinc Deficiency Signs and Symptoms:

Loss of taste and smell
Frequent colds and flu
Premature gray hair
White marks on nails
Dry or cracked skin and lips
Fungal skin infections
Macular degeneration
Eyes sensitive to sunlight
Enlarged prostate (BPH) or prostatitis
Diabetes or hypoglycemia
Low sperm count, impotence

Patient Preparation & Test Procedure:

You must not eat, drink, or smoke less than one hour before the test. Then take the equivalent of 10ml of the fluid and rinse your mouth for 10 seconds, after which you can either swallow or spit it out.

No flavour or “like water” => zinc deficiency.

A unpleasant flavour may be described as either “dry”, “metallic”, or “sweet” => No zinc deficiency.

In cases with amalgam dental fillings in the mouth disposing a fair amount of mercury, the zinc test may not be accurate. The zinc liquid might cause a nasty, metallic taste in the mouth in spite of the zinc deficiency in the body.
(All above information was derived in part from Professional Health Products- In Office Lab Tests Manual, with permission.)

Fee Schedule:

Individually: 40

Combined in the Expanded Metabolic Urine Test Set : 120

Consult: 98

( It is recommended to have a consult with the results)

The patient provides a sample and the results are given at the next office visit.

(Courtesy of  Professional Health Products- In Office Lab Tests Manual)