Indican Bowl Test

Indican Bowl Test

Highlight: A urine test for monitoring intestinal or digestive concerns including Leaky Gut Syndrome,   a method to assess the need  to detox &  when is optimal to complete the detox.

Functional Assessment of: This assessment tests for indoxyl sulphate for bowl toxicity. Indoxyl sulphate is formed when putrefactive/fermenting bacteria cause intestinal decomposition of tryptophane. This formation of indoxyl sulphate thus causes absorption into the bloodstream and excretion in the urine.. Normally only small amounts are eliminated in the urine and is increased with high protein diets or inefficient protein digestion which leads to bowl putrefaction:

Many causes can be involved, including:

1. High protein diet

2. Incomplete digestion

3. Low stomach acid

4. Insufficient pancreatic function

5. Inflammatory conditions of the digestive tract: Celiac, Irritable Bowl Syndrome, Colitis,

6. Gastrointestinal obstruction

7. Leaky Gut Syndrome

8. Gastrointestinal cancers

Indicated for those who: wish to assess their digestion

Fee Schedule:

Included in the MUT as a group: 110

Individually: 35

The patient provides a urine sample, and the results are given on the same office visit.

PATIENT PREPARATION ( for all urinalysis):

  • First morning urine is most optimal
    The specific gravity of the sample should be between 1.015-1.020 for optimal results
    Patient Preparation : 24 hrs before test
    It is helpful to consume chicken or turkey for tryptophan assists indicant test
    Eliminate the use of salt as much as possible
    Eliminate all nutritional supplements
    Eliminate iodine and bile supplements as they may cause false positives in the indican bowl test
    Eliminate coffee, tea , colas and alcoholic beverages. These are diuretics and will concentrate the sample too much. Alcohol may also cause false negatives on the indican test and false positives for the oxidata test.
    Reduce laxatives and bulking agents ie fiber ( interferes with indicant test)
    Reduce the use of beets and carrots as they may discolor the urine and make the readings more difficult.
    Drink 6 glasses of water each day

Information Courtesy of  Professional Health Products- In Office Lab Tests Manual