Stress Panel

Adrenal Stress Index (ASI)™

This test is an assessment for overall adrenal gland function which can impact one’s overall energy, immunity and many other health conditions.  It investigates overall cortisol balance .  Take the Stress Questionnaire to assess your level of stress.

Highlight: Saliva test for parameters related to stress.

  • Functional Assessment of: The following 10 tests:
    Cortisol 4X Helps evaluate stress response
    Insulin 2X Helps investigate blood sugar control
    DHEA Helps determine stress adaptation
    Secretory IgA Helps evaluate toll on immunity
    17-OH Progesterone Helps determine adrenal reserve
    Gluten Antibodies Helps identify grain intolerance

Indicated For: Individuals who wish to optimize their health & longevity

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New Patient Appointment: 249

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Patient Preparation:

Saliva Sample:

Avoid food, drinks and brushing teeth 60 minutes beforfe collection

Avoid collecting saliva first thing upon rising

Do not use liquid hormones the night before collection, wait until all samples are collected

Avoid sucking Troches or pellets 3-5 days prior to collection, wait until all samples are collected

Results are available 2 weeks after submission of test samples