Expanded Stress Panel (ESP) ™

reviVelife Expanded Stress Panel (ESW)™

Stress can impact all aspects of your health.  A proper evaluation is integral in your treatment plan back to retore wellness.  Take the Stress Questionnaire to assess how your stress levels are

Highlight: An overview of the stress reaction and how it impacts the body.

Functional Assessment of:

  • EMUT- An assessment of bowl function, energy reserves, ph ( marker of higher risk of inflammation and cancers), heavy metals, bone health, free radical damage and vit C status
  • Adrenal Stress Index(ASI)™: An assessment of: Cortisol, Insulin, DHEA, IgA, 17-OH Progesterone, Gluten Antibodies

Indicated For: Individuals who wish to support their bodies while under stress.

FAQs Stress

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Consult: 98 ( For existing reviVelife ™  patients who have already had a new patient visit)

New Patient Appointment: 249

(It is recommended to have a new patient appointment or a consult to integrate your results for your optimal health plan)

Patient Preparation: ( for all urinalysis):

First morning urine is most optimal
The specific gravity of the sample should be between 1.015-1.020 for optimal results

Patient Preparation : 24 hrs before test
It is helpful to consume chicken or turkey for tryptophan assists indicant test
Eliminate the use of salt as much as possible
Eliminate all nutritional supplements
Eliminate iodine and bile supplements as they may cause false positives in the indican bowl test
Eliminate coffee, tea , colas and alcoholic beverages. These are diuretics and will concentrate the sample too much. Alcohol may also cause false negatives on the indican test and false positives for the oxidata test.
Reduce laxatives and bulking agents ie fiber ( interferes with indican test)
Reduce the use of beets and carrots as they may discolor the urine and make the readings more difficult.
Drink 6 glasses of water each day

Results are available 2 weeks after submission of samples.