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Tests by Condition

Tests By Alphabetical Order

Adrenal Stress Index (ASI)™

Allergy & Intolerance Testing

Allergy Testing Blood

Allergy Testing Kids Blood

Basal Body Temperature

Blood Group Nutritional Typing

Blood Sugar

Body Composition

Bone Dexitometry

Bone Health

Bone Marker Test (Dpd)

Breast Health

Calcium  Sulkowitch Test

Cancer Marker Tests


Celiac Test

Chemstrip 10 General Screening

C-Reactive Protein

Detox Assessment

Digestion Kids

Digestion Testing

Endocrine & Thyroid Test Panels

Environmental Intolerance  Kids

Environmental Intolerance Test

Expanded Metabolic Urine Test ( EMUT) ™

Expanded Stress Wellness Panel reviVelife™

Food Additive & Preservative Test

Food Additive & Preservative Testing Kids

Food Intolerance Testing Kids

Food Pharmacy ™

Food Intolerance Test

Free Radical Assessment

Functional Organ Assessment

Gastric pH

Gastrointestinal Panels

Glucose Blood Sugar Assessment

Hair Mineral and Heavy Metal Analysis

Heavy Metal Testing

Heel Ultrasound




H-Pylori Urea Breath Test

Indican & Leaky Gut Digestive Test

Koenisburg Energy Test

Lipid Panel

Live Cell Assessment

Longevity Panels

Lyme Disease

Medical Thermography(DITI)

Metabolic Panel

Metabolic Urine Tests (MUT) reviVelife™

Nutritional Panels

One™ (Optimal Nutritional Analysis)


PH Inflammation & Chronic Disease Predisposition Markers

Stress Panels

Sulkowitch Calcium Status Test

Thyroid Testing

Vitality & Balance™ Program

Vitamin and Mineral Screening

Vitamin B12 and folic acid Test & Injections

Vitamin C Status

Vitamin D

Zinc Sufficiency