Items Tested For on The Revivelife™ Food Intolerance Test

1.Meat 2.Fish 3.Shellfish/Eggs 4.Dairy
Lamb Salmon Lobster Cow’s Milk
Chicken Cod Shrimp Butter
Turkey Tuna Oyster Cheese
Beef Halibut Mussel Yogurt
Pork Sole Egg ( White) Goat’s Milk
Gelatin Trout Egg (Yolk) Lactose
5.Fruit 1 6.Fruit 2 7.Vegetables 8.Vegetables/Legumes
Pineapple Apple Potatoes Cabbage
Orange Banana Tomatoes Cauliflower
Grapefruit Pears Mushroom Spinach
Mandarine Peach Green Pepper Bean Mixture
Lemon Plums Onion Peas
Strawberries Grapes Garlic Carrots
9.Grains 10.Grains/Nuts/Oils 11.Sugar 12.Beverages
Soybean meal Rice Sugar Coffee
Wheat Corn Honey Tea
Rye Nuts (Peanuts & Almonds) Maple Syrup Cola
Barley Hazelnuts Barley Malt Beer
Oatmeal Walnuts Fructose Red Wine
Yeast (Baker’s) Olive Oil White Wine
13.Miscellaneous 14.Grains/Milk Alternatives 100 = NO INTOLERANCE
Salt ( Mined) Spelt 0= VERY INTOLERANT
Sea salt Quinoa
MSG Amaranth
Chocolate Teff
Decaf Coffee Kamut
Decaf Tea Soy Milk
Rice Milk

Page 2 Combinations

Grain With Meat With Sugar With Eggs With
Meat Eggs Eggs Dairy
Fish Dairy Dairy Potatoes
Eggs Potatoes Fruit Tomatoes
Dairy Tomatoes

The Revivelife Clinic uses the Vega test as a supportive technique (not a diagnostic or treatment device) used in conjunction with an individual’s history, physical findings or laboratory tests. The information gathered is used in conjunction with the traditional elimination challenge technique to determine a person’s food intolerances. The Vega test along with a patient’s history will facilitate food intolerance assessment which is to be noted different than food allergy detection. If a person has other allergies it is important for them to overlap these results with any other food intolerances that are determined.