Did You Know? 

 That the liver is one of the most important organs in the body and that it has multiple roles such as detoxification and  the conjugation of hormones.  Many other organs are related to detoxification including the bowls, lungs, skin and  kidneys .   Wellness care is about finding out which type of detox is right for you and for how long.

The amount of chemicals and toxins that we use annually can be lined up and cover the distance from the northern tip of Canada all the way to southern United States.

Many Lifestyle Diseases are related to toxicity.

Do you experience?  headaches, fatigue, PMS, irritability, inability to focus, weight gain …. These may all be related to toxicity

A proper detoxification requires an analysis of which systems most need attention uniquely to you and then measuring & monitoring to determine the length of time required to detox. 

It is recommended to have a new patient visit with the metabolic urine test ( MUT)™ which is included in the new patient visit for the proper approach to cleansing.  Ideally a cleanse program is put into place for you twice a year for example in the spring and fall.  Join us in bi- annual cleansing in April and Sept.  Infrared Sauna  is also an added bonus to any detox program 

How our bodies clear is vital to health promotion and prevention.

To view more see our newsletter & video on detoxification.

The following are common tests for detox measuring and monitoring:

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