Functional Organ Screening

The Functional Screening Technique is…

The Functional Screening Technique is an assessment of the relative stress to one’s organs and an additional supportive technique to be used in conjunction with an individual’s history, physical findings, and/or laboratory tests.

The results are apart of understanding which organs to support in your custom program to wellness.

Highlights: Safe Scanning Method for Organ Systems

Functional Assessment of : The Functional Stress to organ systems including: adrenals, thyroid, liver, gallbladder, kidney to name a few

Indicated For: Individuals who wish to have their health assessed for organ strength

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The screen helps to determine:

  • • 1. Functional stressors to specific organ systems of the body.
    • 2. Acid-base balance in the body.
    • 3. Relative degree of stress.
    • 4. Stress to the body relative to microorganisms.
    • 5. Stress to the body relative to vitamins, trace elements, and/or enzyme deficiencies.
    • 6. Stress to the body relative to dental mercury.
    • 7. Stress to the body relative to toxicity.

An example application is someone who may show strain to a specific organ such as the colon, with a tendency to acidity and an allergenic pre-disposition (allergy type I) and trace element stress. History, physical findings, and other laboratory tests confirm irritable bowel syndrome with leaky gut syndrome and malabsorption of trace elements. The supportive plan of management would thus strengthen these systems.

Common Symptoms Include:

  • • Headaches
    • Immune Concerns-Sinusitus
    • Behavior Concerns-ADD
    • Memory Weakness
    • Fatigue
    • Pain-Arthritis
    • Skin Conditions-Eczema
    • Darkness Underneath the Eyes
    • And Many More….
    • Your foods maybe affecting how you feel…. Food and Environmental Testing can make a difference!

Common changes include:

  • • Increased Energy
    • Better Sleep
    • Better Immunity
    • Improved Digestion
    • Reduced Pain
    • Better Focus and Concentration.

The method of Testing:

The Vega Test is an EAV acupuncture technique testing device. The electroacupunture diagnostic method utilizes a galvanometer designed to measure the skin’s electrical activity at designated acupuncture points. The patient holds a negative electrode in one and hand and the doctor holds the positive electrode probe to press selected acupuncture points. When a suspected food or environmental is placed on an aluminum tray which is connected into the circuit (or when the Vegamedi, which encases the food or environmental samples, is used), certain galvanometer reading changes, indicating sensitivity. This method is also used for Food Additive Testing, which is most indicated for children with ADD/ADHD, and adults or children with learning disabilities. This takes 10 minutes as well and can be done alone or in combination with the food and environmental testing. The procedure is non invasive , thus it is not painful and is ideal for children.

The reviVelife ™ Wellness Centre uses the Vega Test as a supportive technique (not a diagnostic or treatment device) in conjunction with an individual’s history, physical findings and/or laboratory tests. The information gathered is used in conjunction with the traditional elimination challenge technique to determine a person’s food sensitivities. The Vega Test along with a patient’s history will facilitate food intolerance assessment which is to be noted as different than food allergy detection. If a person has other allergies it is important for them to overlap these results with any food sensitivities that are determined.

Fee Schedule:

Individually: 98

In combination with Food Intolerance Test ( FIT): 60
The results of this test are available shortly after your test.

Consult: 98 ( For existing reviVelife patients who have already had a new patient visit)

New Patient Appointment: 249

(It is recommended to have a new patient appointment or a consult to integrate your results for your optimal health plan)

Patient Preparation:

1. Avoid the use of lotions or creams on the hands or feet the day of the Vega test
2. Please remove all jewelry and watches for the test (done at the time of the test)
3. Please remove all telephone, pager, and other electronic devices
4. Please notify your Naturopath if you have a pacemaker or similar device
5. Avoid stimulants with caffeine, i.e. coffee, tea, cola, and chocolate 24 hours before the test
6. Take any normal medications that you use on an ongoing basis. Note that high doses of alcohol, amphetamines, sedatives, tranquilizers, corticosteroids, and immune suppressives may make testing more difficult; thus if not a part of your normal medical plan of management, avoid 24 hours before the test.