Health & Balance™ Weight & Hormone Program

Health & Balance Weight & Hormones

Boost Your Metabolism & Balance Your Body from the inside out ! Ottawa’s Premier Living Naturally Program! The Health & Balance ™ Program is scientifically designed for overall wellness & longevity. This program is for anyone wishing to review their general health , improve their energy, digestion, weight and work to help prevent lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis and cancer. Anyone who wants to boost their metabolism and balance their bodies will benefit.
Research indicates that for every dollar spent on Chronic Health Conditions that are lifestyle driven only four cents is spent on prevention.

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Highlight: Blood, Urine & Food Sensitivity Testing to determine your custom menu to balance weight & overall health.
Functional Assessment of: Over 100 combined assessments including: digestion, cardiovascular health, blood sugar, organ strength, general overview of hormones and vitamin & mineral balance.
Indicated For: Individuals who wish to optimize their weight, health & longevity

Primary Benefits Include:

  • Weight Loss: Cravings, Slow Metabolism
  • Hormonal Balance : PMS, Peri-menopause, Menopause, Fertility
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Blood Sugar Levels

Secondary Benefits Include:

  • Better Energy
  • Better Digestive Health
  • Reduction of Stress
  • Reduction of Pain
  • Overall Wellness!

Weight Managment Vitality & Balance ™FAQs

The RevIvelife™ Health & Balance Series is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

The Program Includes:

1. The Evaluation

You’ll meet with your revIvelife™ Clinician for a new patient visit to overview your health and goals. You will then have laboratory tests performed. Over 100 test items will be analyzed utilizing the latest strategies in progressive lab testing to assess : Alkalinity / Acidity Status, Toxicity, Hormone Health Level 2 ( cortisol, insulin, thyroid, estrogen, progesterone, LH, FSH, testosterone) , Weight, Cardiovascular Health, Blood Sugar, Kidney Function, Liver Function and Nutrition.

2. The Doctor’s Report

An integrated report of findings with a stepwise plan to reach your goals.

3. The Lifestyle Change

Working as a team to utilize resources to reach your goals.

Fee Structure :

Health & Balance ™ Report & Menu :

  • Health History Review & Physical
  • Labs & Food Intolerance Test
  • Optiblood™ Live Cell Analysis
  • Natural Doctor’s Report
  • Nutritional Eating Plan
  • Supplement Program

Your Health Profile: You are generally in well health, at your optimal weight, wish to get started on your path to optimal wellness AND want a menu plan to optimize your metabolism.
Fee: 649*
Hormone Female ( level 3 detailed female hormones monthly map) Add On : 339
Hormone Male ( level 3 detailed male hormones) Add On : 189

Health & Balance™ Weight & Hormones 12 Weeks:

  • Health & Balance™ Weight & Hormones
  • 6 Bi Weekly Visits
  • Choice of Acupuncture X2 OR Bowen Therapy X2
  • Infrared Sauna X2 ( You can burn up to 600 calories/ hourly session)

Your Health Profile : You have a focus to lose between 15-25 pounds of weight and or have some health concerns
Fee: 1049
Hormone Female ( level 3 detailed female hormones monthly map)Add On : 339
Hormone Male ( level 3 detailed male hormones )Add On : 189

Health & Balance Weight & Hormones ™ 12 Months

  • Health & Balance ™ Weight & Hormones 12 Weeks
  • 9 Monthly Visits
  • Choice of Acupuncture X4 OR Bowen Therapy X4
  • Infrared Sauna X4 ( You can burn up to 600 calories / hourly session)

Your Health Profile: You have a goal to lose more than 26 pounds of weight and or have been diagnosed with a disease and or wish to have continued support in your health.
Fee :
Hormone Female ( level 3 detailed female hormones monthly map) Add On : 339
Hormone Male ( level 3 detailed male hormones)Add On : 189

“The greatest wealth is your health” ~ Virgil